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National Police Officer Week

A ride along with my dad, a visit to his office, and the Southeast Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial all in one week!

My second hero - I honored him with another Miss MN Attitude of Gratitude event set for this month. My dad is the Sergeant of Dodge County Sheriff's Office and has been working with them for 27 years! He's driven over four sqauds (hit a few deer) and saved a lot of lives. Recently, we were eating at a restaurant in town, having dinner as a family. When my dad went to pay the bill, he was given a special note. The couple who had been sitting at the table across from us had paid the entire bill! The note stated that they were so thankful my dad had saved her life last summer. I am so proud of my dad and all he has done for the county I was raised in.

I was born into a law enforcement family, with at least 10 other brave men who were all like a second father to me. Being an only child, I wanted to tag along on every outing my dad went on with his friends. I learned how to golf from (the best)! At less than two years of age I would jump on my dad's golf bag and ride it around the golf course like a horse! One of my dad's friends I always looked forward to seeing was Loring. He was such a happy and funny person who always made me smile. I thought he was pretty cool because he helped my dad build a huge swing set and sand box for me. All of the law enforcement officers would get together to golf to relieve stress from their duty as an officer. We would also get together for campfires, potlucks (a Minnesota thing), and the Super Bowl party every year.

On September 10, 2013, Loring made the ultimate sacrifice. It was a day that changed our law enforcement family forever. Though Loring is not with us in person, we continue to honor his memory by attending an annual golf tournament in his name to raise money for Toys For Tots. He loved volunteering for Toys For Tots every year, and giving back to the kids. This was something important to him. He was influential to me seeing the way he valued giving back to his community. We also honor him by volunteering for Toys For Tots every holiday season, sorting and delivering toys once a week.

I was happy to show support not only to my dad, but also to all the men and women who risk their lives every day. They deserve so much more than treats on National Police Day. Throughout the year, I show my support by attending memorials with my dad, volunteering for fundraisers hosted by various Sheriff's Offices, and thanking a police officer for his or her service when I meet one.

Please thank a police officer after you read this. Thank you!

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