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Raise The Barre at Longfellow, Bamber Valley, and Churchill Elementary

In March, I was able to bring my platform, Raise The Barre, to three more elementary schools in Rochester!

For the first time I did a three day workshop during spring break at Longfellow Elementary. The other schools in Rochester have had me teach once a week for three weeks, so this new format was unique for myself and the students.

I took this opportunity to teach the students at Longfellow some choreography. Each day we added more moves to our combination, and performed for all of the teachers on the third day. The students loved practicing our dance each day, knowing they would get to show off their moves on the third day. The director even told me that one mom had told her a touching story of her kindergarten son. This mother said that her son came home crying after the first day, because he knew he wouldn't be at dance on the third day (with his family's planned trip to the Mall of America.)

" He was so upset that he wouldn't be able to perform, because he loved the dance class so much! "

When I heard this story my heart filled with so much happiness, because I know that the impact I am making on every student is even greater than I know. That mother brought her son on the third day just for his 1pm dance class with me. That is how my work with Raise The Barre is impacting both boys and girls!

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