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Raise The Barre Benefit Concert in Waseca

On March 9th, 2018 I produced and directed my first benefit concert for my platform, Raise The Barre. I raised $1,635 through ticket sales and donations from small businesses which allowed me to award seven full tuition scholarships for my students to continue their dance education at the local dance studio!

I am so proud of all of my Raise The Barre students who came to my workshop yesterday at 4:30pm and performed what we learned 2 hours later!!! Incredible! Through

my platform, I have been working with many of these students in Waseca since January, and am so thankful for the opportunity to pass on my passion for the art of dance! About half of the group that participated in my concert took their first dance workshop with me earlier that day! They worked so hard in class, learning the two dances we would perform onstage that night. I loved seeing the students smile, have fun with their partner, and think creatively when choreographing their mirroring moves with their partner.

I raised $1,635 at the concert and awarded 7 students full scholarships with costume fees paid to continue their dance education at Funky Footsteps dance studio. There was over 100 audience members in attendance! I am so excited that the students whom I was able to teach their 1st dance class get to continue their dance education next fall.

In Waseca, I have taught my Raise The Barre workshops at Waseca School Age Care and Sacred Heart Elementary and was so thrilled to see so many of them participate in my benefit concert. I am so grateful for everyone who applied for a scholarship. This is the reason I am doing this! I know how important learning an art form is, and that it is very expensive.

Looking through all of the scholarship applications, I wish I could give every child a scholarship. My platform is so important to me and needed, so I will continue to work hard to raise money for the children that have the need and the desire to dance.

Thank you to Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen Emily Schumacher, Miss Chain of Lakes Outstanding Teen, Breanna Stoesz, and Funky Footsteps dance studio for performing at my benefit concert! I am overwhelmed by all of the love and support I have received for this mission of mine with my platform Raise The Barre.

Thank you to my sponsors: Waseca Sleigh & Cutter Festival Association, Waseca Community Education, Gloria Butler-State Farm Agent, First National Bank of Waseca, Andrew Miller - American Family Insurance AgentA big thank you to Jennifer Burt & Molly Kopischke for helping me produce and direct my first benefit concert; we did it!!

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