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Raise The Barre with the Waseca Princesses & A Surprise

I had the honor of showing my platform, Raise The Barre, to the Waseca princesses. At the end of class, I had a very important surprise for one of them!

I had a very special Raise The Barre workshop with the Waseca Princesses. I put on my pink tights and ballet slippers for our ballet and improvisation workshop. They were such smart dancers, catching on to the steps right away. They loved learning "port de bras,"

which is a classical ballet term meaning the "movement of the arms." I also taught them ballet moves across the floor like "chane turns," "shase," and "bouree."

I asked them if they would like to learn some dances to perform onstage with me at my upcoming benefit concert and they were overjoyed. I loved seeing them create movement in our mirroring and flocking activities!

I also asked Miss Ellie to come with me to Miss Minnesota in June as my Northern Lights Princess! She said "YES!" I've had so much fun getting to know her as one the Waseca Princesses and dancing together in my Raise The Barre workshops at School Age Care. She is such a light! I cannot wait to see her crowned as a Northern Lights Princess!

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